Outdoor Adventure Learning System


Embark on a quest that can be completed only by successfully solving educational challenges along the way.

Explore & Discover

Quest has a number of locations (some hidden), where players learn more about the location, natural phenomena, etc. The app guides learners from one location to the next.


Each location presents players with challenges and tasks. It is proven that gamification elements greatly enhance the learning experience. Learners learn best through playing.


Badges and special cards are rewarded to learners for successfully completing quest challenges.

Create quests

The easy to use online editor allows you to create & publish your own mobile quests and remodel existing outdoor educational resources in an attractive background story to motivate and immerse learners in the quest.

Free trial

You too can create your own quest in your local surroundings! Contact us for a free trial.

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Works with both Android and iOS operating systems.


Quest types

The Quest Platform currently offers three different quest types. Each quest can be either public or hidden (secret).

  • Exploration
    All locations are revealed, mission goal is to collect enough points to earn a badge

  • Expedition
    Locations are revealed sequentially by solving location challenges. The goal is to discover and get to the end location, which is awarded with a badge.

  • Hunt
    Location pins are randomly positioned in the user’s area and the goal of the quest is to collect cards by solving challenges.



Learners are awarded badges upon com- pleting quests. All quests have special custom badges.

Earned badge

Users can collect special cards, which can be customized by authors. For example, in the CSOD Mission app below the selec- tion of collectable cards includes animals, plants, fungi, mankind, etc.

Collected cards

Coupons can be attached to quests. Coupons are time-limited with expiration time & date and are used for awarding real-life prizes to players.

Time limited coupon


When at a specific location players must solve one or multiple challenges to earn game points. Currently the following challenge types are available: Single choice, Fill in the blank, Spot the difference, Photo challenge, Story game.

Challenge with 20 new points gained.
Mission description view.


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About DigiEd, the company behind Quest platform

About DigiEd, the company behind Quest platform

DigiEd is an ed-tech company, oriented in developing products and services for ICT supported education for the 21st century. DigiEd is more than just a “computer” company. Our pedagogical expertise helps clients develop new and effective e-learning didactics.

We strive to achieve active learning through interactive involvement of the learner with better individual end results, enable scalability of clients' educational programs with lower educational costs, increased reach and access.

We believe learning is a path to grow and develop as individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. We see our motto “Keep learning” as the way to a brighter future while being responsible to society and the environment.